Phil Nash

The web is getting pushy

The battle between native and web rages on. The browsers are fighting hard to tear down the benefits that native developers have relied on since the inception of mobile platforms. Geolocation, sorted. Accelerometer, done. Performance, we’ll come back to that. But one of the greatest draws for native developers has been push notifications, for the web, email alerts just don’t cut it.

But now, new in browsers for 2015, is the Service Worker. Born out of the struggle to make the Appcache work for offline capable sites it has also brought the advent of push notifications to the web. Through building up an example application live we will see how to implement the Service Worker to enhance the online experience with push notifications.

The battle may continue, but the web is definitely pushing back.

About Phil

I’ve been in the industry since 2007. I decided that the web was the industry I wanted to get into, particularly front end, when I found myself re-writing the website for my band instead of revising for my computer science finals at university. I really enjoy the whole development community, I go to sooo many meetups including LWS of course, and that’s what lead to me being a developer evangelist. I like beer (I think most of the London community know this), my Untappd profile lists me as having tried more than 1200 unique beers. So I really like beer! Uh…